Books & Chapters

A list of book chapters I have written or co-authored.


4) Etienne G.J. Danchin, Jean-Francçois Flot, Laetitia Perfus-Barbeoch and Karine Van Doninck. Genomic Perspectives on the Long-Term Absence of Sexual Reproduction in Animals. In ” Evolutionary Biology: Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and Genome Evolution” (Editor: Pierre Pontarotti for Springer-Verlag).

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3) Pedro M. Coutinho, Corinne Rancurel, Mark Stam, Thomas Bernard, Francisco M. Couto, Etienne G.J. Danchin and Bernard Henrissat. Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes Database: Principles and Classification of Glycosyltransferases. In “Bioinformatics for Glycobiology and Glycomics: An Introduction” (Editors: Claus-Wilhelm von der Lieth, Thomas Luetteke and Martin Frank for Wiley Press).

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2) Etienne G.J. Danchin, Laetitia Perfus-Barbeoch. The Genome Sequence of Meloidogyne incognita Unveils Mechanisms of Adaptation to Plant-Parasitism in Metazoa. In ” Evolutionary Biology: Concept, Modeling, and Application ” (Editor: Pierre Pontarotti for Springer-Verlag).

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1) Etienne G.J. Danchin, Eric A. Gaucher, Pierre Pontarotti. Computational reconstruction of ancestral genomic regions from evolutionarily conserved gene clusters. In “Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction” (Editor: David Liberles, for Oxford University Press).

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